Wrapping Up the 2019 Spring Program

At UNICEF Kid Power, our mission is to help every child realize that he or she has the power to make a difference in this world. Unfortunately, the operating costs for providing free Kid Power Bands to classrooms is extremely high. It’s simply not possible for us to give every student this experience.

With our new model of providing free Kid Power Ups to every classroom in the U.S., we are able to remove these cost and access barriers so that we can finally empower every child. As such, we will not be offering free Kid Power Bands to eligible classrooms beyond this school year.

What This Means for Classrooms

Your Students Keep Their Bands!

As with every year, you free Kid Power Bands were sent to you with intent of your students keeping them at end of the school year so they can continue to use them at home in our App. You must unlink them first! Read here to learn how.

— June 14 is Last Day to Sync Bands

Friday, June 14, 2019 will be the last day you can sync your students’ Kid Power Bands to unlock lifesaving therapeutic food packets. Please sync ASAP (and then unlink them!) to make sure your students’ hard-earned activity can go towards saving the lives of other kids.

— Kid Power Bands Available for Group Purchase

We will still offer school bundles of Kid Power Bands for purchase. Buy here to get 25% off the cost of at least 20 bands. You can also read here about how you can crowdfund for bands on DonorsChoose.org.

What This Means for Next School Year

Kid Power Ups are the future!

If we could get every classroom in the U.S. doing at least one Kid Power Up each week, we could save the lives of 100,000 severely malnourished children every school year. It’s all about the collective effort and every school, every classroom, every student realizing the power they have to make a difference when we work towards a singular goal.

Bigger Impact – Globally & Locally

It also means that students can make even bigger local impact throughout the school year. We launched the first-of-its-kind Kid Power Exchange in May 2019, giving kids the opportunity to give back to three important causes in the U.S. Next school year, the Kid Power Exchange will be available from the start, allowing them to earn more Kid Power Coins and make bigger impact, locally and globally!

Many of you have been with our free Spring Program since the start and we know this news may feel bittersweet. Like you, we want to help every child succeed. This has meant making some hard decisions so we can provide an empowering experience that will positively impact more students. We hope you understand.

Most important, we hope you’ll be a part of the Kid Power Team next school year, leading your students on another empowering journey with Kid Power Ups.