How It Works

Students get active with Kid Power Ups and unlock lifesaving nutrition. They also earn Kid Power Coins to give to local causes in the Kid Power Exchange™.


Play short, interactive Kid Power Ups daily in the classroom.

Press Play for Impact

Unlock lifesaving nutrition and save children around the world.


Earn Kid Power Coins and support your community.

Kid Power Ups™: Streaming-for-Good

Hosted on the world’s first Streaming-for-Good platform, UNICEF Kid Power Ups are brain breaks with a lifesaving purpose! Empower students to make global impact while developing 21st century skills, like collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.

Choose from nearly 100 videos, from dance and yoga to lessons that integrate social-emotional learning (SEL).

New videos added each month! You can select your classroom favorites and also share videos with others.

Kid Power Ups feature music and people your students know and love, such as WWE Superstars!

Empower students to make a difference while learning about teamwork, empathy and the world around them.

Kid Power Coins™: Currency-for-Good

UNICEF Kid Power features the world’s first Currency-for-Good, Kid Power Coins! When teams complete Kid Power Ups, they earn valuable Kid Power Coins that can be given back to local causes in the Kid Power Exchange.

The more Kid Power Ups completed, the more Coins earned. Do more to earn more!

Empower students to decide what causes in their community they want to support.

Support food banks, plant trees, or deliver health supplies⁠—students decide to how to help communities.

When students make impact globally and locally, they realize they have the power to make a difference!

Meet Coach Sunny!

Coach Sunny is your Kid Power champion. She’s always here to support you, cheer for you and your students, and keep you connected to the Kid Power community!

Coach Sunny will guide you through the set-up process and make sure you have a smooth and easy experience.

She is your team’s personal cheerleader, encouraging and rewarding your students throughout the year.

She will share new updates with you regularly and help you make the most of your Kid Power experience.

Stay connected with Coach Sunny and get the latest Kid Power updates on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.