VIPKid Saves Lives for World Children’s Day

VIPKid joins UNICEF Kid Power team

World Children’s Day is a global movement for children, by children. This post is part of our World Children’s Day series spotlighting partnerships making a difference for children around the world.

At UNICEF Kid Power, we are big fans of using tech for good and teaching global citizenship, which is why we are thrilled to collaborate with VIPKid this World Children’s Day. VIPKid is an online learning platform that connects teachers in the U.S. and around the world with children in China for online immersion English language learning and cultural exchange. 

In honor of World Children’s Day, VIPKid and UNICEF Kid Power are teaming up to mobilize VIPKid teachers to give back to their global communities.

Over 600 VIPKid teachers kicked off the partnership by participating in a dance that unlocked hundreds of nutrition packets donated to treat children suffering from severe malnutrition.

In addition, leading up to World Children’s Day, every 500 VIPKid classes taught will unlock a nutrition packet. 

At UNICEF Kid Power, we hope to empower an entire generation to grow up believing they have the power to make a difference. Through this partnership, VIPKid teachers will realize their everyday activity of teaching English will help children around the world get the nutrition they need to live and thrive.

We can hardly wait to see how the UNICEF Kid Power team makes real-world impact on World Children’s Day. Be sure to tag us @UNICEFKidPower so we can amplify your students’ efforts and share with the world! 


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