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Indoor & Outdoor Kids’ Party Games Guide:

Planning a kids’ birthday party or just a plain kids party for one of your young ones is definitely exciting. However, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy! Have you prepared the party games that the kids will be playing? Does your kid prefer to play in the backyard or is he or she a homebody? What’s the weather looking like? If the sun is shining it might be great to take advantage of that. And if its cold and rainy then perhaps indoors is the way to (no parent wants to be responsible for getting another kid sick!).

Fun Kids’ Party Games:

Not to worry, no matter the weather or the preference – UNICEF Kid Power has you covered, and we will list some awesome and fun kids party games for your kid’s birthday.

Fun Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Whether it’s the refreshing air or the shining sun, the outdoors definitely offers a charm that most indoor parties can’t reach – weather permitting. These fun outdoor party games for kids will hopefully be a hit for not just the birthday boy or girl but for all their friends as well!

Sack Game Race

A classic yet fun outdoor game that will bring a lot of laughter for everybody. This game is very simple: divide the children into two or three teams. Then provide some sort of sack or a potato sack for each team. (Also, make sure to prepare fun prizes for the winning team). Once everybody is set up, it’s time to blow the whistle and begin.

Once the signal is given, each team will hop into their sack and jump their way to the finish line. Each member of the team will try to gallop, hop, or skip their way across the finish line in the fastest way possible. The first team that finished the race will get the prizes. It’s a fun, simple, and classic kids party game that every kids’ birthday party should have – especially for the outdoors.

Orange Race

The idea of this game is to roll oranges to the finish line. However, it’s a bit trickier than it sounds.

Why? Well, the kids are not allowed to use their hands or feet to roll the oranges! They can only use their nose. Before the race begins, each child should get on their hands and knees (unless they have a better strategy). Once you blow the whistle, it’s time for each kid to roll those oranges using their noses! (Fair warning – not all parents are fond of this game as kids will definitely get a bit dirty playing it!).

To make things more interesting, you can divide the kids into teams and make it a relay race. In the pantheon of kids outdoor party games, the orange race is an all timer.

Human Piñata

Instead of the usual piñata game, why not take it up a notch? For this particular kids party game you will need an adult who can play the role of “Candy Keeper”. Obviously, the Candy Keeper is in charge of the candies to be given away, but they also act as “the base”. The children are not allowed inside the (moving) base of the Candy Keeper. Once the game begins, the Candy Keeper will try to run away from the kids. The Candy Keeper needs to act frozen if a child caught him.

The only way to be unfrozen is to give away some candies. While the kids are busy picking up the candies, the candy keeper should run away again. You can run this awesome party game until all of the candies are gone. Or until it starts raining. ?

Water Balloon Toss

This next game can get the kids a bit wet. You simply need to prepare balloons with water inside them. Pair the children off. They need to be apart for about three feet. Afterward, they can start tossing the water balloon to each other. Whenever they catch the water balloon, they need to take a step back and toss it again.

The challenge will be harder whenever they catch the water balloon. Eventually, one of the kids will catch an exploding water balloon! The team who got the farthest distance without getting wet is declared the winner!

Chasm Bridge

This game is simple and fun, but also educational as it helps with team building skills. You need to divide the kids into two groups. You will also need a narrow bench or log that will serve as the bridge. The rules are simple: They just need to cross the bridge without falling.

Whenever one of them falls off the bridge, that person should go back to the end of the line and try to cross it again. The team that got the fastest score will get the prize. Of course, it is highly recommended to watch the kids and make sure that no one gets hurt from falling off the bench or log. (BONUS tip for summer kids activity season: place the bench over an inflatable pool so that the kid who falls will fall into the water!)

Capture the Flag for Kids Parties

This is another fun classic game.

Although generally used as a summer camp game, there is no reason you can’t play Capture The Flag as a fun outdoor kids party game! You probably know the rules, but here is a quick refresher:

Divide the kids into two teams and create a boundary line. Provide each team with their flags and ask them to hide it on their side. Each member will try to sneak into the opponent’s territory to try and find the flag.

When one of the kids is caught, he or she will be sent to jail, but one kids from the same team can rescue him.

The kid who rescued their team member should run immediately to their side to be safe.

Whoever captured the flag of the opponent’s flag makes his or her team the winner!

This game is ideal for a large backyard or park that has a lot of trees where the children can hide. (If you do play in a park, make sure to declare strict boundaries so that no kid will get lost.)

Fun Indoor Party Games for Kids

Is it raining or snowing outside? Is your neighbor working on construction to their house? Sometimes it’s just easier and safer to have your kids party indoors… That’s assuming that you don’t have any expensive china dishes lying around, and might be best to stick to arts and crafts… Without further ado, UNICEF Kid Power presents a few awesome indoor party games for kids:

Balloon Pop

The preparation for this game is rather simple. Put a marked paper inside the balloons. These marked papers will signify that the kid can get a prize. Make sure that in 10 balloons, there is one marked paper. The more balloons you prepare, the noisier and better it will be.

Each kid should get 2-4 balloons that they will pop once you give the signal. (The only warning/tip we’ll give here is to be wary if certain kids, depending on their age, can’t handle loud noises). Once you give the signal, the kids should start popping the balloons.

The kids that have the most marked papers in the fastest amount of time will get the prize and win Balloon Pop!

Blind Man’s Bluff

This next game doesn’t require a lot of preparation because all you need is a blindfold and a big space. Choose a kid that will be “it,” then put the blindfold on him or her.  While the other kids are gathering around the “it,” spin the player two or three times. Once everybody is ready, let the “it” find the other kids. Once the player is able to catch one of them, the twist of the game begins.

The player has to touch the face of the person he or she caught. The player needs to guess who the person that she/he caught is. If the player guessed it correctly, then the caught kid will be the next “it”. If not, then do the same thing again. (As always, a brief warning here that you should make sure every kid, and parent for that matter, is comfortable with their faces being touched).

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is an absolute classic kids party game. It’s fun and easy to prepare. You will need a pin board and a drawing of a donkey without a tail. Stick the donkey on the pin board and prepare the tail of the donkey on a separate paper. Once you’re done creating the tail, put a pin on the end of it.

Pick a kid who will be blindfolded. Spin the kid two or three times and lead him or her towards the pin board. Once the kid is standing in front of the pin board, ask them to pin the tail on the donkey. Write the name of the kid next to the hole that the pin made. When everybody is done playing, the kid who got the closest to the right position wins!

The Chopsticks Game

This particular kids game should be played by two or more teams. You need two bowls and some chopsticks. The first bowl should have an item that can be picked by the chopsticks (marshmallows is a good option). The other bowl should be empty, and the bowls should be 8 feet away from each other. When you signal the kids to start, they should pick up the items one at a time and try to put them in the empty bowl.

When the first child is able to put the item in the empty bowl, the second one should do the same and so on. Whenever they drop the item, they need to pick it up and start all over again. The kids are only allowed to use the chopsticks, strictly no hands! The team that finishes the game the fastest is the winner!

Find Your Partner

This is a great kids party game as it allows the kids to bond with each other and improves teamwork as well. To prepare for this game, you need to write famous cartoon characters that have a partner on each paper. You can write Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse or other characters that the kids are likely familiar with. When the kids are ready, stick one paper on their backs and let them find their partners.

They are not allowed to ask other kids what is written on their back. They can only ask questions to other kids that are answerable by yes or no.  While they are asking questions, they should find their partner before the time runs out. The pair that finds their partner in the fastest time wins.

More Kids Activities

These fun kids’ party games will hopefully be enjoyed by your kid, their friends, and their parents as well! Whether it is creativity, teamwork, or just plain ol’ fun, we think that the games above will provide an awesome time for any who takes part – whether it’s a kids birthday party or just a fun activity. Additionally, you can always take the easier route and turn on a kid-friendly movie. For more resources, we also have an awesome family activity guide for you to check out. Enjoy!

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