Clever Teachers Save 105 Lives

Clever Adds UNICEF Kid Power to Library


World Children’s Day is a global movement for children, by children. This post is part of our World Children’s Day series spotlighting partnerships and individuals making a difference for children around the world. 

Earlier this week, we teamed up with Clever to give more teachers a way to celebrate World Children’s Day. We were thrilled to have UNICEF Kid Power added to the Clever Library, and teachers across the country saw it and made impact!

Saving Lives One Click at a Time

On Wednesday, November 20, there were more than 792,000 logins in to free apps, like UNICEF Kid Power, in the Clever Library! Every 50 logins unlocked a packet of Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Food (called RUTF for short).

This means that the Clever community unlocked 15,840 RUTF packets in just one day!

UNICEF uses RUTF packets to treat children who are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. These packets are often called “miracle food.”A full course treatment of 150 packets will save the life of a child. (Learn how here.)

In just one day of logging in to the Clever Library, teachers across the country helped save the lives of 105 severely malnourished children! INCREDIBLE! We couldn’t be prouder of this community for making such a big impact and helping children around the world.

Join Kid Power on Clever

You can still add UNICEF Kid Power to your Clever Library and use it to access all of your school apps.

UNICEF Kid Power is free for all teachers in the U.S. to use. Join thousands of others across the country connecting everyday actions to real-world impact. Sign up here!