Maya Moore's Mission to Haiti

November 20, 2016

Go on a Mission with Maya Moore, WNBA basketball player and Olympic gold medalist, and meet Sendy, a mom working to help her daughter overcome malnutrition.

Maya Moore won back to back NCAA championships while studying in University of Conneticut. Maya went on to have a great career in the WNBA, and is the first ever female basketball player to sign with the storied Jordan Brand!

Maya Moore Fun Fact:

Maya has played basketball with former President Barack Obama! “He’s got a funky left hand jumper, but it goes in! It’s unorthodox, but it’s consistent. If the goal is to make the basket, he does a good job.”

Video Transcript:

Are you ready to help team members in Haiti? I’m on the team, are you? You can end global malnutrition. Let’s get active!

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