P!nk, UNICEF Ambassador

Take an Empowering Journey

With UNICEF Kid Power, kids get active to save lives — their way! The new free UNICEF Kid Power App works with a smartphone, Apple Watch or the UNICEF Kid Power Band. Just download the App so kids can turn their everyday activity into lifesaving food for severely malnourished children. Kids can join the UNICEF Kid Power Team with family and friends and earn cool rewards while seeing who can get the most steps and have the greatest impact on any given day, week or month!

UNICEF Kid Power App

Kid Power Companion App

Sync Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, UNICEF Kid Power Band or your phone.


Download from the App Store or Google Play store for free to make kids’ impact count.

Earn rewards — and save lives.

Travel the world with UNICEF Kid Power Mission Hosts. Kids can track their lifetime packets unlocked and earn fun rewards along the way!

Go Global!

The UNICEF Kid Power App turns every single step kids take into lifesaving nutrition for kids struggling around the world. Kids can join the team with their friends and family, choose an avatar, track everyone’s progress and start learning how their activity is helping unlock lifesaving nutrition for children around the globe.

Connect the App

Want a wearable that tracks kids activity, tells time and saves lives? Sync the App with a UNICEF Kid Power Band that comes in four different styles or your smartphone’s Health Kit.