a journey of empowerment

UNICEF Kid Power takes students on a journey where their everyday activity is connected to real-world impact.

Get Active & Save lives

Become Globally and Socially Aware

Earn Kid Power Coins

Use Your Coins to Impact Others

power to make a


UNICEF Kid Power gives kids

the power to save lives and make local impact.

the power of kids

With UNICEF Kid Power, students discover that their everyday activity – like moving and learning – can make real-world impact. Students become more aware and engaged while learning critical skills that empower them to work together and become a generation of active global citizens.

what Educators are saying

about the power of UNICEF Kid Power!

“I teach students with autism and they loved making the lives of other children better. It made them feel empowered, capable, relevant, and important. It was beautiful to see.”

Mr. Miranda, 3rd Grade, California

“Kid Power not only helped my students learn about and become global citizens, it made them a team! They started encouraging each other, helping one another and being a team!!”

Ms. Walker, 4th grade, Colorado

“I am always looking for ways to show my students they can make a difference in this world. Kid Power does this. My students are more active while increasing their global awareness. I have never been more excited about a program.”

Ms. Parker, 4th Grade, North Carolina

“I have seen a change in many of my students that would not have happened without the Kid Power program. They have truly become EMPOWERED!!!!!”

Ms. Chrysler, 5th grade, New York