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Best Apps for Keeping Kids Active

Why Being Active is Important for Kids

According to the American Medical Association, less than 25% of kids in America are getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day. The main reason for this low number is the abundance of technology in kids’ lives today: TV’s, video games, smart phones, tablets, etc. That is why getting kids away from screens is the first step in getting kids to be more active.

A primary reason why being active is ultra-important for kids is health-related. Kids who don’t spend enough time being active (and instead sit in front of screens) are liable to increased risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, and other diseases. That is why getting kids involved in being active via fitness, exercise, and workouts is crucial.

One way to prevent inactivity is making fitness and exercise fun for kids, by embracing elements of technology. Since most kids nowadays have smartphones, it may be wise to embrace that facet of technology to encourage more physical activity among kids.

Best Kids Activity Apps: Exercise, Workouts, Fitness, Yoga, & More:

We have gone ahead and cultivated a list of the best activity apps for kids, which include various methods of activity, including fitness, exercise, workouts, yoga, dancing, and running:

UNICEF Kid Power App: Kid Power Bands

UNICEF Kid Power is keenly aware of the importance of physical activity for kids, which is why we’ve gone ahead and created two things which kids love: a power band Fitbit for kids-style bracelet, as well as an accompanying mobile app in order to track steps. The Kid Power app has a unique twist on traditional step counting – instead of earning digital points for steps, the Kid Power donates Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food packets to kids in need. The benefits here are three-fold: kids get their steps in via a fun and gamified fashion, kids in needs receive much-needed Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food packets, and kids who use the app will likely learn and appreciate the value of helping others in need. Check out the app here, and the band here.

Super Stretch Yoga HD

Though yoga isn’t often thought of as a kids activity, it is becoming increasingly popular among kids. This mobile app uses storytelling, animation and interactive video tutorials to show various yoga poses for kids. It also uses digital flashcards and music to keep the fun going. You can download the app here.

For more in-depth yoga poses, check out our yoga for kids activity guide here.

Fitness Kids

The aptly named Fitness Kids app will keep your kids entertained with over 25 animated exercises that they can practice with this nifty kids fitness app. This fitness app for kids makes things interesting by offering two modes: Training and Joust. The former will provide tutorials while the latter will allow kids to compete against other kids who are also using the app.  You can download the app here.

Iron Kids

This toughly named activity app for kids was created by the American Academy of Pediatrics in order to show kids how to properly take care of their bodies during physical activities. The app includes a 45 minute workout which will teach your kids the specifics of proper fitness training and injury prevention. You can download the app here.

FitQuest Lite

FitQuest Lite is a unique app which encourages kids to walk over 10,000 steps per day! However, this app uses puzzles to motivate kids to take more steps: the more steps that kids take via the app, the more puzzles they unlock which they then get to play. This particular kids’ activity app focuses on jogging, hopping, and dancing. You can download the app here.

Kid Power is here to help!

We believe that physical activity in students leads to lifelong increases in mental and social emotional health. That’s why we offer free, fun, and engaging videos that get kids up and moving!

From dance routines to sports drills, there’s something for every kid to enjoy. With the power of physical activity and a built-in “give back” component on the platform, we feel confident that kids will want to continue coming back to Get Active and Save Lives!

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